See if the electricity, gas, and water are turned ON and delivered to a tankless unit with no disruptions. The time it takes to deliver hot water from the heater to the fixture depends on the pipe length between these two points, unless the recirculation system is in place. What you don’t know is that issues in your tankless unit develop over time, and may eventually have an impact on water quality, water pressure and the overall volume of water … If you need help, follow this link, fill out the form and get up to three FREE quotes. Check if the showerhead or hot water tap is clogged as it will reduce the water flow. For most tankless water heaters, the display with present an error code to inform you that your air supply or exhaust is blocked. Learn more, Copyright 2021, Rinnai America Corporation. This appliance is a direct vent appliance where air is brought in from the outside and combustion gases are exhausted to the outside. An error code can appear due to many reasons, from a simple spider web and air/exhaust blockage to more serious gas or exhaust leak. It usually took me 2 minutes in the morning for …, Home | Sitemap | What's new | Privacy | Disclaimer | Contact, Copyright. Also could be something as simple as the intake/exhaust fan. Another "unusual activity" can be a white smoke that comes out of the exhaust vent, and can be seen during the cold weather, when the temperature of the exhaust gases is much higher than the temperature of the air. Privacy Policy Only those tankless heaters equipped with the recirculation pump or the buffer tank are capable of delivering hot water super-fast. Ensure that the gas type and pressure are correct and the gas line is sized correctly. Hot water not hot enough for you? These components sense the flow of water and turn on the burner to generate hot water on demand. Water temperature is set too low. Check the gas burner and does the flame rod generate sparks when the unit is turned on. With a Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Wall Furnace, you can be assured of consistent comfort and warmth.Designed to constantly monitor room temperature, Rinnai’s unique modulating technology can respond immediately to even the smallest temperature fluctuations. Terms of Use Leak in the sealed combustion results in irregular gas combustion. Moisture resistant plastic case; Use up to 4 touch pads with each Rinnai unit; 98° to 140°F temperature range; In use indicator Unfortunately the Rinnai heater is not “connected”, meaning that it is not possible to control it over the network or integrate with it on its own. During the cold weather, check if the elements and water pipes are exposed to freezing temperature or maybe frozen? Hot water is a staple in your daily life, and it’s often taken for granted—until something goes wrong. Ensure that the flow sensor is working correctly. All rights reserved. Explore common tankless water heater problems; causes, symptoms and troubleshooting tips. The scale deposits act as an insulator preventing the heat exchanger to transfer the heat to water. Due to the long water pipes, cold water that resides inside must be pushed away before hot water reaches the fixture, affecting the comfort. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable in attempting to fix the problem yourself, you can simply get a free, no-obligation quote from a local plumber to help you with your decision. Note: If the temperature of hot water fluctuates during the shower, for example, it is recommended to combine your tankless with the “buffer” mini tank. How to display diagnostic codes. If flame drops on stove this shows it is possibly a gas supply issue) If the water heater was used before your shower, some hot water remained from previous use – and that is what you felt. Does the gas control valve open at all or there is a short circuit? By keeping the flow rate above the minimum required, this and many other problems might be prevented or resolved. 1. By default, the Rinnai RU180iN Tankless Water Heater caps its heat at 120 Degrees Fahrenheit. It is ether too hot or too cold. I replaced both fuses ( I did check continuity on the new fuses) and the unit still does nothing. Features. If there is sediment buildup, you must perform the flushing and descaling. It provides a continuous supply of hot water at a preset temperature. Make sure to insulate all the exposed pipes, even covering the heater with the. ... Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Parts. 2. Is the gas line sized correctly? Checkpower supply (Plug another appliance (ie hairdryer) into power point and test. If this is what you need, buy Rinnai RUR98 or Navien. Is the flow rate over its recommended minimum? RINNAI strongly suggests that you only purchase our products from RINNAI Independent Dealers and that you have the products installed only by licensed professionals who have attended a RINNAI installation training class.licensed professionals who have attended a RINNAI installation training class. Tankless water heaters also have a direct electric ignition that uses 120v power that lights the burners as hot water is needed. SKU: 104000018-K. Many of our customers choose to have an annual scheduled maintenance to ensure their Rinnai boiler or tankless water heater is always running at maximum efficiency. Rinnai, OEM Parts, HVACR Parts, including Ignitor, Flame rod, Overheat switch, Flame rod, Overheat switch This category contains various water heater parts manufactured by Rinnai. The temperature is set too high. WATER HEATING Rinnai INFINITY® Tips and Tricks. Keep in mind that some unusual activities are normal; such as when the fan motor is still spinning after the water heating operation stopped. Immediate code 12 or 19 no flame visible in burner box; This code appears when you first turn on the water supply. See if there is an error code on the unit's control panel, which blocks the heater from running before the previous issue has been solved and system reset. Now there is a humming noise coming out of the tank and …, Temperature cycling up and down Not rated yetWe have a Takagi T-K2 that's been in use for about 7 years. Discover why millions of families rely on their Rinnai tankless water heater and home heating gas appliances for total home comfort. Stainless steel heat exchanger and internal piping; Inverted burner, burner cleaning no longer required With the lower gas pressure, the water heater will reduce the water flow so it can meet the selected output temperature. Please consider the following Rinnai tankless water heater problems. Tankless water heaters are durable and long lasting units that do not require much maintenance. The Rinnai water heater is one of the most advanced water heaters available. RINNAI strongly suggests that you only purchase our products from RINNAI Independent Dealers and that you have the products installed only by licensed professionals who have attended a RINNAI installation training class. View our resources. …, gas does not ignite Hello, If not, check this article that deals with the ignition failure problem. For example; the water got cold during the shower because the flow from the tap was below the minimum. The priority can only be changed while no hot water is running. Make sure that the shut-off valve, is not closed. Available as an external unit (N56kWe) or an internal unit (N56kWi). This is not a "problem" so do not spend hours trying to find the solution or calling the “expert.”. At Rinnai, our passion for constant improvement drives us to create incredibly innovative products for both home and commercial use. All rights reserved. They offer virtually unlimited, well-heated water for hour-long showers, many daily loads of laundry, and even outdoor hot water uses. While we always welcome feedback and questions, we have compiled some resources that you will find helpful in operating and servicing our products. Rinnai tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water that remains uninterrupted, even when you're the last one in line for the shower. We have a bathroom about 70 feet away from my Takagi tankless heater. See How the Rinnai EnergySaver® Direct Vent Can Work For You. Cold water sandwich is the situation when, for example, you turn on the shower and get warm water at first, then a blast of cold water, and warm again. Brand: Rinnai (3)-+ $67.99 each It is essential to understand that tankless water heaters are not instantaneous; therefore, they do not provide hot water as soon as you open the tap. Increase the temperature to approximately 125-130 F, or higher if needed. The green Priority light will glow indicating that this controller is controlling the temperature and that the Rinnai water heater is ready to supply hot water. Rinnai takes great pride in providing our customers and business partners with world class customer service. If you are planning to do it, always turn OFF gas, water, and electrical supply. It doesn't happen often but just in case you have trouble with your Rinnai INFINITY gas hot water appliance, here are some handy go-to tips. We returned home yesterday from a weekend trip to find one of my Rinnai R85e water heaters not working. The first things you should check are the correct supply of electricity, water, and gas to the water heater. Important: Always hire a licensed professional to service or fix your Rinnai tankless water heater. Piping Diagram for Basic Installation Rinnai Water Heater Rinnai Equipment List Rinnai Water Heaters RIK-KIT (Optional) (3/4" Fittings Include: 2 Unions, 2 Ball Valves, 2 Drain Valves and 1 Pressure Relief Valve.) All rights Replace it if required. Learn more, Because our customers' safety is our first priority, we disclose any problems that have occurred related to our products. Unstable burner flames due to the improper venting, lack of combustion air and gas pressure. Clean the fixtures. Rinnai US sells a “ Control-R Wi-Fi ” module (model “RWM101”) which is an official product that you connect to your heater so you can control it over the network with an app. Check the gas burner and does the flame rod generate sparks when the unit is turned on. Turn OFF a tankless water heater. If the water heater is off, press the ON/OFF button to turn on. 3. Make sure there is no plumbing crossover when cold water mixes with hot. provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated If this is not adjusted accurately, the sensor won't be able to recognize the temperature change. Copyright 2021, Rinnai America Corporation. Alternatively, it takes too long to get the hot water at the fixture. I never had a problem with water taking too long to reach. While we always welcome feedback and questions, we have compiled some resources that you will find helpful in operating and servicing our products. In this case, the fan motor runs for some time to force the exhaust gases out through the vent system. If not, check this article that deals with the. No more heating unused water! Rinnai water heaters; Now to be sure, Rinnai tankless water heaters can be a gratifying investment in your home’s overall comfort. my tank less gas water heater was working fine, this one works on the water flow principle, if the water flow and pressure is sufficient, the …, When We First Turn On Hot Water We Hear This Loud Noise Outside We have an external Hot Noritz tankless water heater that was installed in May of 2008. Page 19: Checklist For Plumbing Some Noritz problems can be fixed by a typical homeowner with a basic set of tools while others will require the services of a licensed professional. Filter. Features include temperature control, system analysis for troubleshooting, and an in-use indicator. Sediment and limescale build-up inside the heat exchanger. Make sure that the shut-off valve, is not closed. Is venting system clean of the debris and does it provide enough fresh air for proper combustion? "Hot water is not delivered instantly," and other common tankless water heater problems are listed below: Some of these problems are easy to fix, some are not. If the water flow is reduced due to the obstructions in the water filter or plumbing, only the small amount of water will be heated resulting in higher than normal temperatures. It kinda sounds like a control panel problem to me. Check if the flame rod and wiring harness are operational, not loose, not in a right spot or damaged. The first things you should check are the correct supply of electricity, water, and gas to the water heater. If after 10 minutes or so, there is still a flow of water you have a problem with the crossover. Is the vent system installed correctly and has a proper length? Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to Press the Priority button´ on the temperature controller. The water draw is greater, and many applications are running at the same time. Many tankless water heater problems are associated with the flow rate. Since Rinnai water heaters are one of the most advanced tankless water heaters available, we recommend to contact a service technician that’s authorized to work on Rinnai water heaters. Ensure that the water pressure from the utility company is as required. Page 36 Guidelines: • The module must be installed indoors (including outdoor water heaters). Page 35 When trying to connect or disconnect power to the tankless water heater, Rinnai recommends using the water heater power plug instead of using the Reset feature on the module. The list of the error codes can be reached if following the provided links below. The control pad was dead so I took the front cover off of the unit and found both 3 amp fuses had blown. Water flow might be reduced when the water filter or fixture aerator are clogged. Linking Policy, Need a Professional Installer? Here you can access some questions and inquiries that we commonly receive. The longer the pipes, further the water has to travel, more you will feel the gap. User manuals, Rinnai Water Heater Operating guides and Service manuals. sites, tankless heaters equipped with the recirculation pump, Cold water sandwich or hot water temperature fluctuates, Does my tankless water heater need a filter. Features. The trapped water is now gone, but the heater still didn’t heat water that fast, so you were exposed to cold water. Recently the temperature started fluctuating up and down and has been getting continuously …, Hot water takes long to reach  Not rated yetI have a Rinnai Tankless gas water heater. You might want to proceed with descaling and flush all the deposits. When we turn on the shower, we run it for over 5 minutes, the heater does not …, water turns cold after 5 minutes then hot again later In one shower, the hot water lasts about 5 minutes and then turns cold. Make sure that the tap is open enough to ensure the required flow rate, and there are no obstructions in the piping line. Is the minimum water flow rate achieved? Check out the output temperature sensor; it might be broken. (You can preview and edit on the next page), Hot water to the sink, but not to the shower, same bathroom! Ensure that the length of the venting pipe is within limits. 2517 items. Most tankless water heaters are equipped with a diagnostic system that incorporate the microprocessor and LCD screen, which displays an error code if the problem occurs. ... Water Flow Control Assembly Kit 104000018-K Water Flow Control Assembly Kit. If you are the owner of a "smart" tankless water heater from Rinnai, Noritz, Paloma, Bosch, Takagi or similar, this troubleshooting guide is for you. Use the following articles to get help on how to troubleshoot problems on Rinnai, AO Smith, Noritz and American. Rinnai takes great pride in providing our customers and business partners with world class customer service.