You just shouldn't judge anything based on that fruit. Etna type in terms of productivity and flavor. Joe, Z6B, RI. Zone 7B/8A Wake Forest, NC. zone 8b, rainy winter, mild arid summer. ), Man it’s just the wrong time of year. Takoma_Violet.jpg (139.62 KB, 105 views) T_V.jpg (173.25 KB, 107 views) _____ Art- Western Pa. 6a ... LSU Tiger, LSU Red, Cajun Gold, BB-10 any great tasting fig Tam Registered: 1365478628 Posts: 1,084 Posted 1407980727 : Reply with quote #5 Art: Very nice figs, thanks for sharing. Brooklyn, Washington. If I only had two fig trees to plant, I would to plant a Peter’s Honey and Violette du Bordeaux (Negronne). The pictured fig seems damaged rather than fully developed and ripe. This is a typical Mt Etna class fig, smaller, purple with red interior, good flavor. Takoma Violet – This new–to-be featured fig variety is known for its cold-hardiness and deep rich flavor and draws its origins from,,,,,,,,,, Adriatic JH Fig Atreano Fig Chiappetta Fig Desert King Fig Dottato Nero Fig Florea Fig Hollier Fig Hunt Fig Improved Celeste Fig Izbat an Naj Fig Kathleen's Black Fig Keddie Fig Large Negronne Fig Latarolla Fig Longue D'Aout Fig LSU Gold Fig LSU Tiger Fig. (and not murder it). I had a VdB swell and get 1/3 of the way ripe only to drop and VBT is currently swelling 1 out of the 6 fruits on the tree. Yeah, I'm not questioning the variety. I will update it every few days. Share. I've had a few this year. The Paradiso fig came from an elderly Italian fellow who lived next door to a home where her son visited friends." Make figs a staple for every plant enthusiast, and bring the rarest varieties of figs to the mainstream market at an affordable price. Covering a succulent and sweet flesh, the fig’s skin is so richly dark that in some light it looks black and in others a dreamy dark violet. 20. Yeah, it is. Post Jan 24, 2013 #1 2013-01-25T01:48. I LOVE this fig! Some have reported an occasional breba on it. You are bidding on three cuttings of Takoma Violet. Mid 50s at best just a few hours north of y’all. All times are GMT-5. Just have to get it there. A must-have for any fig collector, Atreano is a robust, fast growing fig that produces tasty clusters of light green figs with a sweet, pink interior. The fruit (and leaves) of Mongibello fig trees or bushes seem so similar that Mongibello figs are akin to a single cultivar with a number of slightly different strains, where not synonymous. Desert king, ronde de bordeaux, takoma violet and black spanish are in the ground. Many folks are impressed with the flavor. Please note: The product image shows actual cuttings from 2019, however it's just meant to demonstrate the average size of the cuttings and is not an exact represent ... Takoma Violet. 20. Fig trees are easy to grow and will produce fruits organically,where other fruit trees need a lot of fungicide and pesticide to do so. Copyright © 2021 Fig Database. I do think I had some issues with watering and/or fertilizing though. Global Fig, Fruit, and Garden Forum > The Trading and Selling Floor > Takoma/Tacoma Violet. The American Fig Company was founded with two simple goals. Our tree has fruited but we have neglected to take photos. The syconium adds to the overall experience of eating this fig. lol. I grow quite a few figs. The fig’s interior is fleshy with edible tiny seeds like a tomato. We are currently building our online catalog that will be an outlet for cuttings complete with quality images and information. I’m not sure I did enough of either and that could have a major effect on the lack of productivity this year. The Takoma Violet is rich, sweet and packs a great berry punch. This is a medium dark fig with a red interior. Others may have known this history already but because of the misspelling I initially thought TV was from Tacoma, WA rather than Takoma Park, MD." Congratulations to William and thanks to all who participated. Connoisseurs test figs for “seed crunch,” meaning how densely packed the seeds are in a particular variety. Fig trees in Mallorca, a tour in Montserrat pons fig orchard December 10, 2018 Fig varieties introduced by Bass Samaan of Trees of Joy nursery September 21, 2018 Figs care guide March 10, 2017 Skin should be deep purple; flesh should be deep red. I can tell this one will be good eventually. Wish list - 1. The pictured fig seems damaged rather than fully developed and ripe. Fruits are very rich and tasty, even under rainy conditions. Good sized figs and quite hardy. A few varieties are in the ground and the rest are in pots being trialed. It’s been in half day sun in the cold. A customized, searchable database of edible fig varieties with advanced search, filtering, and ratings from and for collectors like you. I would LOVE temperatures in the 60s 🙂. This year being so nuts I’m not judging anything too harshly. Share with: Link: Copy link. Hang time is a little longer than I would like and they never seem to be rich and dark inside. Meanwhile, doing the usual winter stuff (e.g., more formal exercise, indoor projects, planning), including starting this year's crop of cuttings. Till then I will have this page which will show you what is currently in stock. The winner of the Takoma Violet fig tree offered as the first annual Sam Barcellona Memorial Day Giveaway is FigWillie. It does not include small trees in 16oz cups (we have around 1,000); those are counted separately. The fig cuttings will have 2-3 nodes with a thickness greater than a pencil (most like a marker) and are about 6-10 inches in length. Violette de Bordeaux The Violet de Bordeaux 3rd yr in ground has finally hit it's maturity level. If it’s edible it counts😜, Vancouver, WA Z 8b, soon to be Austin, TX Z 8b (Bring the heat! Takoma Violet is a fairly typical Mt Etna type. SteveMD. To find the biggest, juiciest, cold hardiest, most delicious common fig in the world! Takoma Violet came from an elderly German lady she knew who lived nearby. Fig trees in Mallorca, a tour in Montserrat pons fig orchard December 10, 2018 Fig varieties introduced by Bass Samaan of Trees of Joy nursery September 21, 2018 Figs … Violeta: Facebook Photo Video 1 Video 2: Violeta is a formal variety name and is believed to be the varieties known as Black Madeira and Figo Preto. To stop murdering fig cuttings. Main crop figs develop a violet color when properly ripened under dry conditions, taking about 80 days to ripen. Joe, Z6B, RI. Takoma Violet is a fairly typical Mt Etna type. Kremp Florist’s Fig Trees and Cuttings . The figs are top notch this year in terms of taste. 4 posts Takoma/Tacoma Violet Takoma/Tacoma Violet. All Rights Reserved. Obviously the smoke from the recent fires didn’t help anything as it came right during a prime ripening time. These can be shipped anywhere. Excellent fig. Kremp Florist’s fig tree production has grown substantially over the years to keep up with demand for these precious fruits. Current Fig Collection (51 varieties) Abebereira Alma Black Bethlehem Black Mission NL Black Jack Bourjasotte Gris California Brown Turkey Col de Dame Blanc ... Takoma Violet Texas Everbearing Uncle Corky's Unknown Attilio Purple Vern's Brown Turkey (Grasa's Unknown) Violette de Bordeaux (DD's) Violette de Bordeaux (UCD) This fig a great fig and considered one of the more cold hardy … It just melts in your mouth and coats your tongue with a syrupy jammy coating. Tasting Violette de Bordeaux, Florea, & Olympian Figs The Brebas are winding down and these are about the last ones I'm picking off of my fig trees. I put a secod year Takoma Violet in the ground this spring and got a handful of very nice, dark figs from it. Takoma Violet – This new–to-be featured fig variety is known for its cold-hardiness and deep rich flavor and draws its origins from sanctuary city Takoma Park, MD. Glad to see, I’m not the only one trying to ripen fruit with a 65* high. I know. Takoma Violet: Takoma Violet is, arguably, the best Mt. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest news and updates. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Takoma Violet Fig tree cuttings (5) at the best online prices at eBay! Takoma Violet, is a 2 crop fig, self fruitful ,has ornamental leaves,and does not require spraying of any kind. Only two really produced at the level I expected. It is unusual among Mt Etna types in that it also sets a good breba crop. Gotcha, thanks Joe. Violet Patlican: Video: Obtained from Encanto Farms, this is supposedly the Patlican variety from Turkey. Mt Etna trade names include Hardy Chicago, Takoma Violet, Marseilles Black, Keddie, Gino’s Black, Dark Portuguese, and many others. Skin should be deep purple; flesh should be deep red. With over 50 different varieties of fig trees in stock, Kremp Florist is the authority in premium quality figs. This page was generated at 06:22 PM. Fig Inventory: September 2017 I did a thorough inventory of the fig orchard this week, and the results are posted below. If you are local to our region, we offer local delivery of fig … The ants really liked them, too, so next year I'm investing in a nice big tub of Tanglefoot. It’s late in the season for us. I’m sure it’s probably just because it’s so late here. For those in the north that are looking for fig plants you can order them during the winter (from currently available stock) to be held for spring delivery, just send me a message with your order that you want the plant held and the exact Monday in the spring you would like it shipped. So far I prefer Malta Black to Tacoma Violet. The "trading floor" feature of this forum is a good idea. We provide to you for information in the field of figs. Taking COVID-19 seriously, awaiting a vaccine. It is fairly dark on the skin where the sun was hitting it. 4.00. I think its an OK fig. A fig discovered growing in Takoma Park, Maryland. Violette outsides with bright red insides. I’m trialing malta black, kadota, lsu purple, alma and violet de bordeaux. 2. Takoma Violet Fig Teramo Fig Vista Fig . Next year will be the year some of these start going under the axe. SteveMD. It has some cold tolerance, is productive.It was discovered as an unknown grown in Takoma Park, Maryland. All of them are common type figs except for desert king. I just haven’t been able to work on it. Fig Plants; Air Layers; Current Plant Inventory; I know the cart system on the site leaves something to be desired and I am working to add a new cart. It’s also only the second year for my bigger trees. Fruit "syconium"-producing Fig Trees, known botanically as the Ficus Carica species, can be grown successfully even in New Jersey (NJ) in large containers such as wine barrels, provided there is proper drainage and the potting medium quality, humidity levels, and moisture is constantly maintained. Highs in the 60s?! I want to do a cattle panel hoop house. We’ve had, I think, a little longer season than normal, but the trade off has been a lack of heat we usually get in the late summer. Free shipping for many products! The fruit has a nice tight eye that is resistant to splitting and the plant itself is one of the most cold hardy varieites. Figs are larger than Alma or Italian Golden, smaller than Conadria and hold on well when ripe. Just can’t nail down my brother to come help me.
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